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The team behind Handy Brand™

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Ken and Kate Paley

As a husband and wife team we have worked together at Flame since takeover in January 2006. Our success is directly linked to the fact that we perform very different functions to the benefit of our customers and the company as a whole. Ken is the driving force of product development, quality, sales and Brand Management whilst Kate works behind the scenes ensuring the financial performance and human resource wellness of the company. We truly have a passion for all things “chafing fuel”…..

Ken Paley

Kate Paley

Tamryn Semper
Finance and Human Resources

One important aspect about triathlons is that it’s not all about the athlete and the race or the training, it is equally important to surround yourself with a strong support system. What is incredible about Flame Corporation is that I am blessed with the best, working with family is one of the most fulfilling experiences, to top it all off, working with friends that are like family. We encourage each other, we support one another and we conquer challenges together! To spruce up an old triathlon quote... it’s not the journey, it’s not the destination, it’s who you work with.

Brittany McLellan 
Sales and Production, Operational HR, Warehouse Co-ordination and support

As a Skydiver, having a supportive, functional, determined team is most important to me.

Our team at Flame Corporation is the embodiment of these qualities and that is why I thouroughly enjoy my work everyday, just as much as I enjoy being in the sky.

Robyn Paley
Marketing and Procurement

Adventures, life is filled with them!!! Working at Flame Corporation brings new adventures and challenges for us to conquer each and every day. They allow us to grow as individuals, as a team and as a Company. It is a privledge to work with a dynamic, hard-working and committed team which makes us all "great" at what we do!! Working with family and friends alike, it’s a pleasure coming to work to service our customers, our community and our industry.

Fezile Kuhlane

I provide an incredible customer service by meeting the delivery schedules and being the "go to guy"!

The Manufacturing Team

Tshepo Baloyi

Calvinia Kolopo

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